Location: 830 E. 2nd Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85204. Three blocks east of the Mesa, Arizona Temple

Owner: The Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints

The original Mesa Inter-Stake Center was built in 1954, added to in 1959 and 1970, and remodeled in 2013. The building It is a multi-purpose facility of 53,170 square feet located on a 12.5 acre parcel. The building includes a 17,721 square foot gymnasium with 3 basketball/4 volleyball courts, a cultural hall/auditorium that can seat over 586, seven meeting rooms (with a capacity ranging from 37 to 312) and a serving area for warming food.

The Ellsworth Park area includes two softball fields and soccer/recreation fields. While the property is primarily used for sporting, recreational and cultural events sponsored by various LDS Wards and Stakes, it is available for use by other religious sponsored groups and local community groups for sporting, recreational and cultural activities. If you would like to request to schedule an event, please go the Request an Event page for more information.